Repelling down the old waterpower in Ystad

We start the activity with thorough safety instructions and equip you with harness, helmet and gloves. You will have a chance to feel how to lean in the harness and try out the repelling technique. An elevator takes us up the tower to the 6th floor and then we will move by foot to the top. Well on top of the 40 meter tower you will go through the last instructions and get your pep talk, maybe shoot a picture or two and get ready for the great adventure!

Now it is time to take the first step out onto the copper roof and start your descend. And this is when you take time to enjoy, especially the view and the tower is located on a little hill with a fantastic view of Ystad.

Do you want to try it out? Or maybe let someone else try? It is possible to give away a gift voucher to someone you think would enjoy this adventure.

Book your company’s next adventure today! Groups will of course have the ability to choose the time and date for their event, but we also let individuals enjoy this activity on certain set dates. Contact us to get updates around current dates.