Pilgrim hike

We walk towards the Stenshuvuds National Park, known for it’s unique nature. The hike continues towards Knäbäckshusen where the pretty S:t Nicolai chapel is found. Knäbäckshusen is a small village by the coast south of Stenshuvud with quite a unique history. The village was originally located by Knäbäcken in the northern part of Haväng, but when the shooting range grew the whole village was moved to it’s present location around 1950..

Other places worth a visit during a pilgrim hike are Baskemölla chapel, Gladsax and the churches of Östra Tomarp, Ö Vemmerlövs church, Kilians Bönegård and S:t Olof church. Only a few hundred meters south of the church we find St Olofs well. In the old days people came here to sacrifice mostly money to get help from the saint.