Below you will find some examples of activities we arrange in the Österlen area. Do you have a special request? Ask us! We will gladly look at a tailor-made solution for you.

Snorkeling Djupeskog

Join us on an adventure in the area of Verke Creek and Djupeskog. We have found a way to explore […]

Pilgrim hike

We walk towards the Stenshuvuds National Park, known for it’s unique nature. The hike continues towards Knäbäckshusen where the pretty S:t […]


We do the fishing activity all along the Österlen coast as well as in creeks and lakes, the chances are good […]


Geocaching comes from the greek word geo which means earth, and the english word cache which means hiding place. Geocaching can […]


Learn to paint the art of the streets! Divided into teams and led by a talented graffiti artist we will let […]


Kayaking is a fantastic way to see our pretty landscape. With the help of our kayaks we head out to […]

Clay pigeon shooting

Who will hit the most clay pigeons? Challenge your colleagues on the shooting range. Fits all, no previous experience needed. […]


The mountainbike was made to take us through challenging terrain and once you’ve learned the simple technique it is not […]

Sailing in wooden schooners

Sailing is the perfect way to work the team and develop it’s ability to cooperate. We offer sailing in wooden schooners. […]

Team development

Have you had a lot of changes in your company structure lately? Many new colleagues? Perhaps a new manager or […]